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Organize Tennessee is 501(C3) dedicated to upholding and protecting the core value of American democracy- the right to vote. Organize Tennessee builds long term infrastructure that works to increase voter participation, registration, and education throughout the state. 


Our programs train poll watchers for early vote and election day, lawyers through our Continued Legal Education trainings, and Election Commissioners across the state. We center local and state legislative conversations and policies around those who have been historically kept at the margins, disengaged with civic institutions and convinced that their participation doesn’t matter.


Organize Tennessee will work daily to create a multiracial, multilingual, and multicultural movement that expands access to voting and upholds the right to vote for every Tennessean. 




Organize Tennessee has a leadership team that makes conscious efforts to build a diverse Executive Team and  Board of Directors that reflects the demographic and geographic richness of Tennessee.

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Meet Our Executive Director 

Renee Parker was born and raised in Memphis, TN and graduated from University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2013. As a queer, Black woman, Renee faced adversity that pushed her into activism for social issues that continue to impact her community to this day.


After college, Renee made the decision to pursue activism full time with a nonprofit called Amnesty International USA. In 2014, Renee had thousands of conversations about global crises in Yemen and Myanmar, bringing attention to issues that many Americans were not aware of. Soon after, Renee moved to California to serve as the Canvass Director for Amnesty International USA, Los Angeles. 

In 2019, Renee took a hiatus from the nonprofit world to prioritize domestic electoral politics. The first campaign she managed was the Mobilization Hub for California for Warren in Los Angeles. Shortly after, Renee moved to Louisville, KY for to lead organizing efforts for the Amy McGrath campaign. After a heartbreaking loss, Renee moved to Atlanta, GA to manage the organizing efforts for the Senate run off with the Democratic Party of Georgia. She managed a team of Organizer and Volunteers that door knocked every day during the pandemic and she got her win. Finally. 

Now, Renee joins Organize Tennessee as our team as Executive Director to break down every barrier that stands in between Tennesseans and the ballot box. The fight continues. 

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Meet Our Training director 

Charles Uffelman grew up in Erin, TN and was involved in his local 4-H and FFA chapters. He is an alumnus of the University of Memphis where he first worked as an organizer on progressive campaigns for local and federal office. 


Since graduating, Charles has focused on organizing in rural areas, first working in Middle Tennessee for the Tennessee Democratic Party. Throughout the 2018 cycle he led volunteer teams and trained new organizers to get out the vote in rural, suburban and urban communities. Charles was a Regional Organizing Director for the Karl Dean for Governor campaign. 


Charles consulted several municipal races in the Nashville 2019 Metro Council Election before moving to Iowa to organize for the Kamala Harris, and later the Elizabeth Warren presidential campaigns. He returned to the south with the Elizabeth Warren campaign to organize Clarksville, TN for Super Tuesday. At the conclusion of the presidential primary, Charles led the regional organizing team for West Kentucky on the Amy McGrath for US Senate Campaign. Most recently Charles led the regional organizing team in the North Woods for the Wisconsin Democratic Party through their successful spring elections. 


Charles lives near Clarksville, TN near his large family and is focused on increasing civic engagement and supporting the coalition of activists that are working to make Tennessee a safer and more welcoming state for everyone. 

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Meet The Board


Kristal Knight

Former Executive Director, Emerge Tennessee. Political Strategist & Impact Strategist

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Civil Miller Watkins

Candidate for TN Senate and House of Representatives. Fayette County School Board Member. 

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Anne Ferrell Quillen

Current Chair of the Cumberland County Democratic Party and a member of TNDP Rural Caucus

Reverend James Lawson

Architect of the Nonviolent Civil Rights Movement, Teacher to late John Lewis & Martin Luther King Jr.